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Julie Huguley mosaic of woman with flower hat
Julie Huguley mixed media picture of girl with orange hair

Mixed up.reloved.altered.curbed art


My love for all things beach began in San Diego, CA. At age three I experienced my first disappointment of a brilliant idea when my parents said “NO, we are not painting the house pink and throwing glitter on it.”


My Mimi taught me to sew and look at all things tiny in new ways. Some of my art includes items left to me in what I call “the trunk”. I play with materials found in thrift stores, yard sales or on the curb and alter them into something new…mermaids, hula girls, fairies, shrines, word art or whatever my scary mind can imagine.


I am a retired dancer/teacher married to the love of my life, Glenn, who is thankful when my art goes into a gallery. After all, how many mermaids can a wall hold said NO ONE EVER. We are the parents of five children who have given us seven grands, each one a work of art. We live, play and love in Ormond by the Sea. Life is good. So so good.

Julie Huguley

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