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Lisa Royal's earrings
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Lisa Royal's turquoise ring
Lisa Royal's jewelry

Lisa is trained as both a Silversmith and as a Lapidary Artist. What that means in layman’s terms, is that jewelry she designs and creates using these skills is made by her hands alone from start to finish. Nothing is store bought and “assembled”. 


She brings her design to life using sheets of silver, raw uncut semi-precious gemstones and a vision of what they can become. In a finished piece, she will have hand fabricated the silver into an original design, culminating with it being forged in fire. And just as a diamond starts out as an ugly duckling until it is cut, shaped and polished, so do all gemstones. She will have taken the gemstone in your originally designed piece of jewelry through that same process.

Other designs feature forged in fire enameling, which by its very nature, produces a one of a kind piece. She also designs wire wrapped jewelry featuring a variety of materials.

No cookie cutter jewelry is her motto, each piece should be as unique as the individual wearing it. Jewelry can (and should be) Wearable Art. Hence her  professional name of That Artist Girl. Examples of her jewelry designs can be found online by entering thatartistgirl@thatartistgirl123 into your search bar. 

Lisa Royal

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