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Artist Penny Thorne shell ornaments
Penny Thorne shell turtles
Penny Thorne shell hanging decoration
Penny Thorne shell candle
Penny Thorne shell candle
Penny Thorne shell candle
Penny Thorne picture of bird in frame decorated with shells

I have been a full-time resident of Flagler Beach since 2017, arriving from Maine at the end of Hurricane Irma. My love of the water has me at the beach almost every morning for sunrise, taking pictures and collecting shells (and any trash I may find.) During the pandemic, I started creating. Initially, it was jewelry before expanding into larger items. All of my creations include local shells only and may or may not include items I have upscaled from local consignment shops. I prefer to work with shells as they are found, in their natural state. I have also donated some of my more unique finds to the Flagler Museum across the street from GOLA. I am available for
personalized creations and am grateful to share my creations with you. Thank you for looking!

Penny Thorne

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