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Artist Trisha Calabrese's painting of seagulls and ocean
Artist Trisha Calabrese's painting of sailboat at night
Artist Trisha Calabrese's painting of turtle

Trisha Calabrese was born and raised in New York. Her passion for painting and art of any kind was always there, simmering just below the surface. She would paint here and there, attend art galleries, art shows, anything that would feed her artistic being.


She later moved to Florida and resides in Deland. After her retirement she immersed herself into painting. She is a self-taught artist. Trial and error her teachers.


Acrylics are her preferred medium. Her subjects, whether landscape, seascape, etc. are often dictated by her brush as it hits the canvas. Trisha’s art has won awards, she has done commission pieces and murals.


Her goal is to have her paintings touch the viewer with an emotional connection, rekindle a memory or just touch their heart.


She encourages every would-be artist to follow their dream and create what’s in their heart and mind and share it with the world.

Trisha Calabrese

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