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Sandy Chappell necklace made from naturally molted bird feathers

Hi, my name is Sandy Chappell and I love birds. I have had many birds over the last 40 years. I’ve hatched birds, raised birds, trained birds, and found homes for homeless exotic birds including a church for a homeless Toco Toucan named “Tiki”. The preacher exclaimed that his congregation had never been so large until he started bringing Tiki to his sermons.


I love birds. They are very, very smart. My Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot (“Birdie Bird” in the photo) speaks over 100 words in two languages; sometimes in context. And when he hears a joke, he always laughs at the punch line. And my Blue and Gold Macaws, “Rocky” and “Thumper” are clowns. They love to mimic actions: when I dance, they dance; when I sing, they squawk (can’t say that I blame them). They have figured out how to open every lock I put on their cage except a key operated lock and then they steal the key! They have been my companions and pals for over forty years and they could live another 40+ years. “Kiwi”, my Green Cheeked Conure, is my baby. He’s eleven years old and spends most of the day on my shoulder when I’m home. I talk to him like a best friend and he tells me “What a pretty little baby Kiwi bird”, he is.


My birds are healthy, beautiful and colorful. They molt about twice a year, which means they get new feathers and lose the old ones. It’s natural for all birds. For almost forty years I’ve been saving the beautiful feathers to make jewelry and crafts “someday”, and that time has come. All the feathers in my jewelry are natural colors. None are painted or dyed, and all were collected as a result of natural molting. No birds were harmed to create my feather crafts. And ALL profits from these crafts and jewelry are used toward the care, maintenance and feeding of these wonderful winged creatures. Thank you so much for your interest in these feather crafts and these rare, intelligent and exotic birds without which there would be no feather crafts for you to enjoy.


Love & Light.

Sandy Chappell

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