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Whiteman - Artist pic
Artist, D. Red Whiteman, painting of sea turtle
Artist, D. Red Whiteman, painting of sea creature
Whiteman - display (4)
Artist, D. Red Whiteman, painting of octopus in the sea

Raised in a military family, I moved around, a lot. Moving to Iran in my high school years allowed me to see parts of the world most only see on TV. After high school, I joined the Marine Corps then the Army. Travel has seen me in the Arctic Circle, to the south Pacific, where local art was a great influence on my own style and type of art. I am an accomplished wood carver, painter and photographer.

Scuba diving has been one of my greatest loves. Many hours spent in the ocean, taking photos and video of the underwater world, has given me a deep respect for our planet and the creatures we share it with. Most of my work now is on canvas. Ocean dwellers and tribal art now are my favorite subjects.

College: Daytona State Degree in Digital Art, Design and Advertising

Daniel “Red” Whiteman

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