Artist Susan Stone, aromatherapy necklaces, sea paintings, photography
Artist Susan Stone's whimsical sea painting, blue, fish, sea creatures
Artist Susan Stone's aromatherapy necklace, colorful, pink, flowers
Artist Susan Stone's aromatherapy necklace, colorful, flowers
Artist Susan Stone, photograph, sunrise, orange, ocean

Susan Stone comes from several generations of painters, designers, performance artists, and overall creative souls. Born in Cincinnati Ohio, she began formal training with decoupage classes at the age of 8 and was encouraged in the arts throughout her life. In 1991, Susan opened a local art gallery called the Funky Space Cat in Cocoa Village, Florida. In 1993, she decided to finish her Bachelors Degree at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida. Susan graduated in 1995 with her BA in Communications with her main focus in Broadcasting/Advertising & PR and a minor in Graphic Arts. She taught Art Therapy at a charter school called The Rounding Out Center during the 1998-1999 school year and later on became a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist. Susan was a long-time member/board member at The Art Studio of St. Augustine Beach since 2013 and taught aromatherapy blending classes as well as selling her work. She has recently moved to Flagler Beach. With so many creative interests, you never know exactly what Susan might do, but she is known for her Aromatherapy Necklaces, painted furniture, whimsical sea paintings and photography.

Susan Stone