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Rory Frewen's custom woodworking
Frewen - custom woodwork
Frewen - table, resin, driftwood
Taylor - beach souvenir
Laurie Taylor starfish souvenir with Ormond By The Sea
Laurie Taylor glass table

Rory Frewen

Rory Frewen is an accomplished wood working artist. He has designed and built custom furniture for over 40 years. If you can describe it, he can probably create it. He currently has resin and driftwood tables on display at the gallery.

Laurie Taylor

Laurie Taylor moved from Big Sky, MT, where she created and sold greeting cards and souvenirs, to Ormond by the Sea, FL in 2005. Not seeing much in stores for small town souvenirs, Laurie felt it was important that visitors be able to purchase a memento. Laurie has teamed up with Rory, and his resin mastery, to create souvenirs using local materials.

Rory Frewen & Laurie Taylor

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