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Artist Gerry Agerbek painting of ghost pirate ship, black and white, moon, ocean
Artist Gerry Agerbek painting Midnight Solitude, ocean, palm trees, mountains
Artist Gerry Agerbek painting of seascape, ocean, beach, seagrass
Artist Gerry Agerbek painting of island wave, blue, yellow, palm treest
Artist Gerry Agerbek painting of pelican, palm trees
Artist Gerry Agerbek painting of eagle and mountains
Artist Gerry Agerbek painting of turtles drifting in ocean, seascape

Coastal Cabana Art Studio

“My happy place is definitely by the sea … I like feeling the sand between my toes as the powerful waves crash on the beach, smelling the saltiness of the sea breeze, hearing the birds fly overhead, and seeing the fish dart about in the water. These are the feelings I try to capture in my seascape paintings.”

I was born in Orlando, Florida and moved with my parents to Southern California when I was only 2-1/2 years old. I spent many quality hours at or near the beach as I was growing up, which fostered my love of the ocean. In 2019, I retired and moved back to Florida, where I am currently building my beach house in Flagler Beach. This will bring me even closer to the inspiration of my art!

In 2019, I became a Certified Bob Ross Instructor in both Landscape and Wildlife techniques and learned so much more about art through this experience. I have since further developed my artistic skills as a traditional artist and paint using either oils or acrylics, or both. In some of my ocean-inspired paintings, I create depth using layers of acrylic paint and resin mixed with minerals and/or pigments, then finish the painting with a clear resin coat to create a glassy, wet effect.

I enjoy painting seascapes because I can capture any mood – peaceful, energetic, or tumultuous – in any kind of light – sunrise, midday, sunset, moonlight – with a variety of colors and reflections. When I paint, I get to choose the scene and perspective that nature inspires in me at that moment in time since no two days by the sea are ever the same!

I also enjoy the evolution of creating custom, commissioned art work for clients. I start by discussing the client’s vision and the elements of style, colors, dimensions and composition the client has in mind so I can create artwork that will have a special place in their home or workplace.

My art truly is inspired by nature: birds, sea life, wildlife, oceans, beaches, and even mountains with peaceful alpine lakes or emerging streams and rivers!

You can also see my art at: or on

Gerry Agerbek

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