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Artist Conny Dempsey photograph of angel
Artist Conny Dempsey
Dempsey - Artist pic
Artist Conny Dempsey's pastel painting

Growing up in a small town in Kansas, I was exposed to numerous talented people during my youth. I started my own creative art path in 1964 when I attended college in Ft. Hays, Ks. Later I would graduate from the University of Hawaii with a BFA in Visual Design/Photography and a minor in Art History.


My gypsy life style led to a colorful, exciting life of traveling and living in various beautiful places. While in Washington, D.C. I owned Fine Art Gallery for over 15 years before moving to Florida. For many years, I was a Street Artist participating in Fine Art Shows across the country where I am still known as the “Angel Lady” because of my photographs of Angels in old cemeteries. Now I am experimenting with pastels and find them extremely rewarding and expressive. It was a huge leap from capturing an image with a click to creating an image using pastels and paper. I still use my camera but in a different way now.


I hope you enjoy all of my images and if you want to see more, please visit my website at: 386-569-1209


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