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Artist Conny Dempsey
Artist Conny Dempsey’s painting entitled "The Path Back Home"
Artist Conny Dempsey’s painting of jug with apples
Artist and photographer Conny Dempsey
Artist Conny Dempsey’s painting of roses in vase
Artist Conny Dempsey’s painting entitled "Hanging Out"
Artist Conny Dempsey's pastel painting
Artist Conny Dempsey’s black and white painting of dog with ball

Growing up in a small town in Kansas, I was exposed to numerous talented people during my youth. I started my own creative art path in 1964 when I attended college in Ft. Hays, Ks. Later I would graduate from the University of Hawaii with a BFA in Visual Design/Photography and a minor in Art History.


My gypsy life style led to a colorful, exciting life of traveling and living in various beautiful places. While in Washington, D.C. I owned Fine Art Gallery for over 15 years before moving to Florida. For many years, I was a Street Artist participating in Fine Art Shows across the country where I am still known as the “Angel Lady” because of my photographs of Angels in old cemeteries. Now I am experimenting with pastels and find them extremely rewarding and expressive. It was a huge leap from capturing an image with a click to creating an image using pastels and paper. I still use my camera but in a different way now.


I hope you enjoy all of my images and if you want to see more, please visit my website at: 386-569-1209


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