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Artist Marie Lanier
Artist Marie Lanier’s painting of hummingbird and yellow flowers with background in shades of blue
Artist Marie Lanier’s black and white painting of bird in tree
Artist Marie Lanier’s painting of purple flowers in gold frame
Artist Marie Lanier’s painting of bird on branch with purple and white flowers
Artist Marie Lanier’s painting of hummingbird and white and pink flowers

Artist, Marie Lanier, was born and raised in Queens, New York in 1952, and is now a Florida resident. An educator by profession, Marie’s artistic endeavors, until well into adulthood, focused mostly on photographic artistry.

The true artist in the family was Marie‘s brother Gregory, a New York City clothing designer. When he passed away in 1983, all of his art equipment was passed on to Marie. She did not begin painting until that time. Using his brushes, Marie has found her passion in painting.

She continues her love of photography by doing portrait sessions and the occasional wedding or other social event. She also volunteers at her local animal shelter helping dogs get adopted by posting photos capturing their unique personalities. Several dozens have found their forever homes because of her photos.

In addition Marie enjoys designing and creating jewelry, pottery, candles and an endless stream of crocheted afghans for her grandchildren, friends and local chemotherapy centers.

The artist may be contacted at

Marie Lanier

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