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Stained glass artist Kathy Miller
Artist Kathy Miller’s stained glass picture
Artist Kathy Miller’s stained glass picture of green grasshopper on branch
Stained glass picture in shades of blue by artist Kathy Miller
Stained glass picture by artist Kathy Miller in shades of green and gold
Artist Kathy Miller’s colorful stained glass picture of a green dragonfly on a white background

I have always been a maker and artist. I attended art school in Cleveland OH. Moving to Florida in my twenties I never had the opportunity to utilize my talent in the arts full-time.


I started making jewelry and selling it at local craft shows part-time starting in 2010. As the markets were getting saturated with jewelry, I wanted to ­find another more original form of art so that I could create my own unique designs full-time.


I feel we throw away too many old and unique items. As I have acquired a collection of vintage jewelry and knick knacks, I found that many of the beads and focal pieces are unusual, and beg to be showcased. No one wants to discard mom’s jewelry, so I highlight and repurpose those pieces in my art to add to the vintage effect.


Using stained glass and repurposed frames, I combined vintage jewelry beads and small objects for the basic design then applied resin to the piece. The resin gives the pieces a watery ethereal look, and unlike traditional stained glass this look is airy and transparent. Many people who have purchased my art use eye hooks in the top of the frame and hang my work in a sunny window. My subjects include, nature, animals and a variety of classic graphic images. I am always open to your suggestions on a custom piece, with your chosen subject, sizing, and color pallet.


Hope you enjoy my work. Thank you!

Kathy Miller

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