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Artist Sylvia Gortz
Artwork by Sylvia Maria Gortz
Artwork by Sylvia Maria Gortz
Artwork by Sylvia Maria Gortz
Artwork by Sylvia Maria Gortz
Artwork by Sylvia Maria Gortz

Sylvia worked hard to capture and intrigue the art community. She gathers much of her inspiration from personal experiences, her daughter, the environment, and cultures around her. Sylvia was born in New York and lived most of her young life in NY. She is a painter/mixed media artist. Earning a BA in Art, from Whittier College in CA. Her love of art continues to play a dominant role as her career evolved from neon artist/artist, to art teacher, visual display, gallery owner, art consultant, part time realtor, & “pop up” curator. She has always been an artist, through it all. Serving as the president of the “Art Galleries of St. Augustine” (AGOSA) for two years, was a wonderful experience. This nonprofit is a service organization aimed at artist & art business development. Through involvement in community projects, a publication, Art Walk Guide/map & regular informal meet-ups. AGOSA is responsible for the St. Augustine Art (gallery)Walk, which occurs every first Friday of the month. She is also a member of FEM Art Gallery in Jacksonville.


She recently started creating jewelry out of resin, which she uses in some of her paintings as well. Naturally it morphed into her fascination with resin jewelry. Sylvia’s resin creations are a combo of vintage & new inspiration. Her aunt made jewelry in the 1960's for her little gift shop, adjacent to her travel agency in New York. She traveled the world and was quite the independent woman, when such a thing was not commonplace. When she passed, she left me boxes of vintage beads, gems, and baubles, she was sure Sylvia would use them creatively. Sylvia has captured a bit of her aunt's 1960's nostalgia in her resin jewelry. Next, she will incorporate Baltic Amber into her resin pendants. This reflects Sylvia’s Polish heritage. The amber was also left to her by her, oh so, bohemian aunt. She calls her line of pendants, Retro Ruby Jewels and her sparkly resin earrings are Ziggy Sparkle Dust Jewelry.


Pineapple Gallery, Artist Member, Flagler Beach, FL  8/2021 - current

Camelback Gallery, “Land & Sea”, AZ  9/2022 (group - bronze distinction)

Ormond Memorial Museum, “Green”, Ormond Beach, FL  5/2022 - 7/2022

Jadeite Gallery, “Art for Homes”, NYC  03/2022 (group)

Montserrat Gallery, “Journey Inwards”, NYC  01/2020 (group)

ArtBox 137 Gallery, Artist/Owner, St. Augustine, FL  12/2019 - 2/2020

Wendy Tatter Gallery, “Dog Days”, St. Augustine, FL  7/2019

City Of St. Augustine Beach, “Art in Public Places”, FL  5/2019

P.A.St.A Gallery, Artist Member, St. Augustine, FL  7/2019- 12/2019  

Lightner Museum, “Art & Music”, St. Augustine, FL  5/2019 (group)

The Corazon, “2005 Migrants”, St. Augustine, FL  4/2019 (group)

7 Aviles Pop Up Gallery, “Art on Aviles”, St. Augustine, FL  1/2019 (group) 

The Lime Light Theatre, “Cabaret”, St. Augustine, FL  9/2018 (solo) 

The Gallery Group, “Color Pop”, St. Augustine, FL  6/2018-10/2018 (group) 

Sylvia Maria Gortz

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