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Artist Barry Carroll
Oil painting on canvas of moored sailboats against red sky by artist Barry Carroll
Oil painting of bird by artist Artist Barry Carroll
Oil on canvas painting by Barry Carroll
Oil painting on canvas of ocean waves by artist Artist Barry Carroll
Oceanscape oil painting on canvas by artist Artist Barry Carroll

My art interest started with simple drawings at an early age. I mostly drew comic faces and hot rod cars. There was a freedom of expression that was exhilarating. I had no thoughts of painting thinking it was left to classic painters.

I attended East Carolina University, where I met my wife Linda. After college I discovered a passion for not only building homes and commercial buildings, but also for drawing plans, elevations, and eventually renderings…. you get the picture. I did plans for my own clients as well as other builders. The process of building something you created on paper was so satisfying.


After 30 years of construction and land development, I retired to Florida. I always thought about painting, but considered it too far removed from the architectural
drawings I had done. After retiring, I decided to give it a try. About 2 years ago, I dove in…buying paint tubes and a couple of framed canvas. It helped that I could still draw and I had some sense of proportion. My imagination is very active and painting is a great creative outlet.

As a native of North Carolina, my family had a place in Maysville, a small fishing town along the coast. The ocean, water reflections and surrounding views have always captivated my attention. In painting, I love bold colors, turquoise water, boats, islands, birds and marine life. If I paint a crane, I want to capture the attitude of that bird not just a still reproduction. Getting even a close representation of all of this is thrilling to an artist. I try to paint what I would love to see in real life, often painting from those early childhood memories.

I paint in oils on canvas, because the colors are bright and lasting. I use a  combination of fragmented and gestural brushwork to create movement. I have been called a “Modernist painter,” because of the abstract objects that often show up. The ultimate gift is to share your art with people that enjoy what comes alive on canvas. As someone said, the art you buy has to be something you can look at every day, for the next 10 years and still enjoy.

I now live in beautiful Palm Coast with my wife, Linda and cat Cisco where I am surrounded by inspiration.
(770) 231-0524

Barry Carroll

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