Norma Lewis & Leslie Gault picture of birds and ocean
Norma Lewis & Leslie Gault picture of blue mermaid

We are a mother and daughter team from Delaware and Pennsylvania. I started beachcombing with a friend in Delaware and we decided to do something with the sea glass that we found. We started off making jewelry and when the market became too saturated, we switched to pictures. We travelled everywhere in search of surf tumbled sea glass and sea pottery. After we decided that our backs could not take it anymore, we found someone in Puget Sound that lived close to a sea glass beach. We started buying the sea glass and pottery from him. We also purchased glass and pottery from Alaska. When my husband, daughter and I moved to Florida, our daughter Leslie became interested and now does most of the background painting on the projects. We only deal with genuine surf tumbled glass and pottery. Since moving to Florida we’ve added the popular sea turtles and whales to the jellyfish and crabs from Delaware. Mermaids are found everywhere the sea is! We hope you like our creations.

Norma Lewis & Leslie Gault