Events at GOLA


First Friday

Friday, Dec. 3

Lighting of the pier and lifeguard chairs. School choirs will be singing in the park. GOLA’s December art show is the "Artist’s interpretation of the Flagler Beach Pier". (Please vote for your favorite). Artists will be on site to visit with customers. Refreshments will be served.

Holiday Open House

Saturday, Dec. 4

11 am - 5 pm

Flagler Beach Parade starting at 1 pm.


GOLA will be presenting “The Backyard Bazaar”. Complimentary hotdogs, chips and drinks. Our artists will be doing demos and there will be fun children’s games with prizes; so bring the whole family!

Artists' Exhibit Wall


The theme for this month's Artists' Exhibit Wall is "Flagler Pier". Officially opened in 1928, the pier is one of the area's most popular fishing spots and stretches out 806 feet into the Atlantic Ocean. Our GOLA artists have created unique artwork centered around Flagler Pier. We'd love to have you come and view their beautiful artwork and vote for your favorite.

Artist's Exhibit Wall for 2021, December.jpg

National Small Business Day

Saturday, Nov. 27

10 am - 5 pm

We will be celebrating by having a Customer Appreciation Day. Artists will be setting up tables/tents with discounted items. Coupons will be presented for 10% off merchandise to use in December. Free gifts, food and drinks will be available.

Artists' Exhibit Wall


GOLA's November Artists' Exhibit Wall showcases "Steampunk & Up-cycle" works of art. Up-cycle artists re-use and recycle found objects to create unique works of art.​


Artwork in the Steampunk style blends items such as cogs, clockwork, and machine parts with Victorian art and design. It may also include futuristic elements like robotics and artificial intelligence.

Artist's Exhibit Wall for 2021, November.jpg

Winner of GOLA's November
"People's Choice Contest" 

Laura Brady

Exhibit Wall Winner Laura Brady.jpg
Looking Ahead

Artists' Exhibit Wall - Upcoming Monthly Themes

A big thank you to our customers who take part in voting for their favorite piece of artwork on our Exhibit Wall. The Exhibit Wall has a different theme every month and showcases work by our GOLA artists who create original artwork based on that theme. We invite you to come and cast your vote for your favorite piece of artwork.


January - "Sailing, boating, oceanographic"

February - "Red"

March - "Turtles"

April - "Size 8 x 10 restriction"

May - "Creatures who live in the sea"

June - "Beach life in Flagler"

July - "Patriotic"

August - "Artist's Choice"

September - "Things that fly"

October - "It’s Halloween month"

November - "Black & White"

December - "From any angle"


Special Charitable Event!

Saturday, Oct. 16

10 am - 5 pm

All purchases made at GOLA on Saturday, October 16 will benefit "Christmas Come True", a volunteer, non-profit organization that assists families in Flagler County that are in need of a helping hand.

Come to our store at 208 S Central Avenue, Flagler Beach to help support this wonderful cause.

Christmas Come True Logo.jpg

Artists' Exhibit Wall


GOLA's Artists' Exhibit Wall for October is featuring artwork done in black and white. The wall this month is especially beautiful so come down to the Gallery of Local Art and vote for your favorite piece of artwork to show your appreciation for our many talented artists.

Artist's Exhibit Wall for 2021, October.jpg

Winner of GOLA's October
"People's Choice Contest" 

Lori Vetter

Exhibit Wall Winner Lori Vetter Bowers 3.jpg

Artists' Exhibit Wall


The theme for GOLA's September Exhibit Wall is "Naturescape". Come to GOLA and see our talented artists' views of the beauty around them. While here, take a moment to vote on your favorite artwork and view all of the unique pieces of art that GOLA sells.

Artist's Exhibit Wall for September 2021.jpg

Winner of GOLA's September
"People's Choice Contest" 

Lori Vetter

Exhibit Wall Winner Lori Vetter Bowers 2.jpg

Artists' Exhibit Wall


August's Artists' Exhibit Wall is "Artist's Choice". Always a favorite with our talented artists since they get to choose whatever they want their subject matter to be. Come visit us at GOLA and see the wonderful selection of art and vote on your favorite piece of artwork.

Artist's Exhibit Wall for August 2021.jpg

Winner of GOLA's August
"People's Choice Contest" 

Rod LeBrun

Exhibit Wall Winner Rod Lebrun.jpg

Artists' Exhibit Wall


July's Artists' Exhibit Wall features "America". Our artists here at GOLA have put up a beautiful wall displaying their artistic view of what America is all about.

Gallery of Local Art Artists' Exhibit Wall

Winner of GOLA's July
"People's Choice Contest" 

Adelet Kegley

Exhibit Wall Winner Adelet Kegley 2.jpg

Artists' Exhibit Wall


Our Artist's Exhibit Wall for June is all about sea creatures. Each piece on display is created by different artists. Come vote for your favorite work of art to show your appreciation for the artist who created it.

Artist's Exhibit Wall for June 2021.jpg

Winner of GOLA's June
"People's Choice Contest" 

Trisha Calabrese

GOLA Exhibit Wall Winner Trisha Calabrese

Artists' Exhibit Wall


May's display is all about turtles which are such an important part of Flagler Beach. Come down and enjoy our artists' turtle pictures and creations.

GOLA Artist's Exhibit Wall for May 2021.jpg

Winner of GOLA's May
"People's Choice Contest" 

Karen Snider

Exhibit Wall Winner Karen Snider.jpg

Artists' Exhibit Wall


Spring is here! Come view our beautiful Exhibit Wall and show your appreciation for our talented artists by voting for your favorite piece of art.

Artist's Exhibit Wall for April 2021 - l

Winners of GOLA's April
"People's Choice Contest"

GOLA Exhibit Wall Winner Norm Martel.jpg
GOLA Exhibit Wall Winner Terri Fabbrican

Norm Martel

Terri Fabbricante


Artists' Exhibit Wall


The theme for our March display is "Artist's Choice". This is a favorite for our artists as they get to create artwork of their own choosing.

Artist's Exhibit Wall for March 2021 - l

Winner of GOLA's March
"People's Choice Contest" 

Cheryl Zeeb

Exhibit Wall Winner Cheryl Zeeb.jpg

Artists' Exhibit Wall


Our February display features the color red. Looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift? Come to GOLA and buy a one of a kind piece of artwork for that special person.

Artist's Exhibit Wall for February 2021.

Winner of GOLA's February
"People's Choice Contest" 

Wendy Fierro

Exhibit Wall Winner Wendy Fierro - low r

Artists' Exhibit Wall


Happy New Year! Our artists are looking forward to bringing you new and exciting works of art as we start the new year.

The theme for this month's Artist's Exhibit Wall is "Life is Good!". We invite you to come visit with us, view the Exhibit Wall and place your vote for your favorite piece of artwork.

It's a wonderful way to show your appreciation for the artist's hard work, talent and creativity.

Artist's Exhibit Wall for January 2021.j

Winner of GOLA's January
"People's Choice Contest" 

Linda Gordon

Exhibit Wall Winner Linda Gordon.jpg

January 16

10 am - 5 pm

Shop at Gola this Saturday to support VFW Post 8696. Matching donation sales day. There will be a display of military trucks and a raffle. Help us to help them!