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Picture of Lori Vetter
Lori Vetter - Snowy Egret in Breeding Plumage
Lori Vetter - Go With the Flow
Lori Vetter - GOLA display
Lori Vetter - Mother and Child (Bird of Paradise)
Lori Vetter - Serenity
Lori Vetter - Bike on Beach
Lori Vetter - Sea Oats at Sunrise

Lori Vetter Bowers has had a camera in her hands since childhood, inspired and mentored by her grandfather.


Lori has a photojournalism background and a degree from Loyola University. She has worked in print media, darkrooms, and studios for more than 40 years.


The photographer is passionate about travel and capturing nature’s beauty, from landscapes to wildlife. She also has an affinity for street photography and colorful Florida home decor.


Through the magic of the digital darkroom, Lori creates a different mood for every photograph, based on how it moves her. The viewer may be surprised to see an impressionist-style landscape next to a gritty street scene.


Lori Vetter Photography has been recognized with a variety of competitive accolades, including three Best of Show awards, and her work has been published widely in the local media. Lori has had two private exhibitions, and her work can be seen hanging in area establishments.


She is an active member of several arts organizations and an officer for the Flagler Beach Photography Club. Her online portfolio may be viewed at


Please contact the artist for special orders.

Lori Vetter Photography

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