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Gary Farmer artist picture
Gary Farmer artwork
Gary Farmer artwork
Gary Farmer artwork
Gary Farmer artwork

Self-Taught Artist,  St. Augustine, Florida


Cape Girardeau, Missouri – March 1996…….I was diagnosed with Primary Pulmonary Hypertension and given two to five years to live!  I was put on a portable IV pump 24/7, placed on a lung transplant list, ordered to stop working and advised to get my “affairs in order.”


Four years later, I left virtually everything behind except my clothes and an old Dodge Caravan. I moved to Boynton Beach, Florida and stayed with my youngest daughter and her husband. In 2002 I decided to quit lying around and waiting to die. As a carpenter for over 15 years, I was used to working long, hard hours. I could not do so any longer, but I had to do something.


Through observing, practicing and pure determination, I taught myself to paint. Using my skills as a carpenter, I found that by combining painted backgrounds and miniature carpentry techniques, then adding “repurposed” found objects, I was able to create a unique form of 3-D wall art. My love of Island Life and inspired by Jimmy Buffett lyrics added a “POP” to my pieces.


Since my new journey in art began, my health started mysteriously improving. My doctors were all puzzled and amazed at my improvements. I believe God has a purpose for all of us and maybe this is mine?


My 3-D art has been featured on a national TV show on HGTV. Local newspapers and TV stations have also featured my “story.”  Won several Awards at South Florida art shows.


My prognosis is worsened some this year 2019, but, it seems God has more for me to do here, so he gave me a second chance at life. I’m still unable to do a lot of things, but it sure beats lying around waiting for the Grim Reaper! I have no idea what my future holds, but, it sure looks better than it did in 1996!  My new motto:  Never ever give up!  Do what you enjoy and keep faith!


No matter what your Latitude, keep a positive attitude and you can change your altitude. I hope my creations make you smile as much as I do when I create them.


P.S. “Laugh, it keeps you from going insane.”

Gary Farmer

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