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Cynthia Klodowski ceramics for sale at Gallery of Local Art

I, Cynthia Klodowski, moved from Cazenovia, New York to Palm Coast, Florida in 2004. I have always loved pottery and in the late 1990's had an opportunity to take pottery classes. From the first class there was such a connection to the clay that went directly from my hands to my heart. What a great feeling. I continued with the classes for two years, subscribed to pottery magazines, watched videos, made friends with other potters, set up a studio and started buying equipment. To this day I am still learning and getting better and better with every pot. I make functional and decorative stoneware pottery on the wheel and hand build. The inspiration comes from sea and land creatures, plants, textiles and found objects. My love for dogs can also be found in my work. The pottery is dried and bisque fired to Cone 04 (1945 Degrees F), then glazed with fun lead free colors, and fired again to Cone 6 (2232 Degrees F), making each piece of stoneware pottery oven and microwave safe. My goal is to make you smile every time you use one of my pieces.

Cindy Klodowski

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