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Joan Cuson is an artist at GOLA
Winter landscape painting with snow and stream by Joan Cuson
Collage of oceanscape paintings by Joan Cuson
Painting of lake and lily pads by Joan Cuson
Forest painting by Joan Cuson
Oceanscape painting by Joan Cuson at Gallery of Local Art

I was born and raised in Michigan and moved to Indiana in 1971. I am married and have three daughters, and eight grandchildren. As a child my family often visited Flagler Beach and we vacationed here as a family. In 2013 we fulfilled our dream of buying a home here.

I studied studio art and art history at Indiana University in South Bend and later received my Masters Degree in Organizational Management. Since my retirement I have been able to spend more time studying and practicing art.

I have participated in a number of shows over the years, including a one woman show at the Box Factory in Saint Joseph Michigan. I have also participated in shows and exhibits in Minnesota, Illinois and Indiana. I have taught drawing privately and at the South Bend Art Center where I am currently a member.

Although I love many subjects, including portraiture and life painting, the energy and emotion of water and waves inspires my work. I have always been intrigued by pattern, never as much as the pattern I see on the surface of water. Both my parents immigrated from Newfoundland, an island in the easternmost part of Canada. That has always been my “home” and created in me, a natural love of the sea.

Joan Oake Cuson

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