Edwina Dorch painting of 2 women at ocean
Dorch - display
Edwina Dorch painting of dancer
Edwina Dorch painting of surfer woman and ocean
Edwina Dorch painting of woman dancing
Edwina Dorch painting of woman surfing in ocean

I am a retired, self-taught, Black American, Palm Coast, Florida artist who paints on canvas, wood and paper using acrylic rather than oil paint. My artwork would not be called ‘modern’. Instead, it would, most likely, be called ‘contemporary’; simply because I generated it recently, that is, in the 21st rather than the 20th century.


I typically present solitary figures for viewer’s consideration and such simplicity is the mark of a ‘minimalist’ painter. Further, the faces of my figures are frequently missing or hidden. So, my figures do not accurately reflect reality. Thus, some would describe my work as ‘abstract’.


I admire female athleticism. So, my figures probably remind viewers of gymnast, Simone Biles, prima ballerina, Misty Copeland and tennis champion, Serena Williams.


Another characteristic of my artwork is the unique titles I select for each piece. That is, the titles are sometimes mundane, but equally often, they are provocative and challenge viewer’s stereotypes about Black women.

Edwina Dorch